Hello I’m (HIA)

Anti-child marriage project

Hello I’m (HIA) project provides community interventions to address socio-cultural & religious norms, which have been identified as challenges to establish & execute young people’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. Moreover, this project also helps to strengthen community awareness and campaign against child marriage.

Duration Donor Implemented Areas Working With Network
May 2017 to December 2020 IKEA Foundation Durgapur of Netrokona and Maddhyanaga Parents, teachers, marriage registers, religious and community leaders, Govt. officials Unite for Body Rights (UBR), Right Here Right Now (RHRN), RITU, NEARS

The principle strategy of HIA is “To provide edutainment (TV and radio programs) to raise awareness on alternative behaviors, attitudes or believes and to provide support to restore the positive attitudes while dealing with the SRHR issues in the community, like Child Marriage, Child Pregnancies resulting school drop-out etc.”

Major interventions

  • 720 adolescents successfully graduated through the course the project implemented regarding awareness raising (365- Boys and 355- Girls).
  • People attended roadshow campaign which included on-spot quiz competition and distribution of leaflets.
  • Community received education regarding Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Edutainment which included drama and cultural shows.
  • Youth Organizers were trained.
  • Formation of Youth network which enhanced their decision making and negotiation skill.
  • Formation of parents’ network which capacitated them acting positively to restore SRHR in all aspects & situations.